Getting Here

Getting Here

by Foot, Car or Cable Car (scroll down)

We are located in the classical style building: the Salamanca Group Ltd (next to the landmark Met Service building).
Enter the Red entrance door on the left side of the building.
It’s a short walk from the top of the very popular cable car in the upper part of the botanic garden in Wellington, CBD.

Getting Here by Foot

You can walk in from many different ways such as

  1. From Salamanca Rd towards to MetService (NZ Weather Forecast) follow the Salamanca Group Ltd sign(pictures 1 to 3)
  2. From upland road (picture 4)
  3. From many path tracks in the upper botanic garden around the cable car, CARTER OBSERVATORY or CABLE CAR MUSEUM, or Salamanca Rd. (picture 5)

Getting Here by Car

From Upland Rd towards to cable car museum or Kowhai cafe (carpark available in front of the cafe).

Getting Here by Cable Car

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Saturday & Sunday
9.30am to 5.30pm (last appt).


CLASSIC AROMA is currently moving to a new premise. Stay tuned for our re-opening.


021 482 882